Tantillo's Farm

Family Run, Family Fun!


Farm Market

Come enjoy the bounty of the Hudson Valley at our 120-acre family farm where the sun sets behind the Shawangunk mountains.

The farm stand and roadside market have been expanded to include a gift shop - complete with tee-shirts, wind chimes, garden accessories, jarred jams, local spices, tote bags, antiques and more! 

We Offer:

  • Home-grown and local fruits and vegetables
  • Custom fruit baskets
  • Homemade jams and jellies
  • Local maple syrup and honey
  • Fresh pressed local apple cider
  • CSA Fruit and vegetable farm shares
  • Pick your own fruits and vegetables with wagon rides to and from orchard (see pick your own page for details)
  • Homemade seasonal lunch specials
  • Homemade apple sauce, pickles, dilly beans, pickled onions, peppers, and more!
  • Local free-range eggs, and specialty cheeses
  • Hot dogs, hamburgers, and snack shop


What's in Season?

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Vegetables

Strawberries  early June - early July

Beans  mid July - late September (fava, green, yellow, and string)

Sweet Cherries  mid June - early July

Tomatoes  late July - mid September (green, plum, heirloom, cherry, round)

Sour Cherries  late June - mid July

Peppers (hot and sweet)  mid July - late September

Peaches  July - mid September

Sweet Corn  mid July - early September

Plums  late August - late October

Eggplant  mid July - September

Pears  late August - late October

Leafy Greens mid July - October

Apples  mid September - late October (McIntosh, Cortland, Gala, Red & Golden Delicious, Empire, (Mutsu) Crispin, Honey Crisp and Rome)

Squash (summer and winter)  mid July - late October