Tantillo's Farm Market

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The Tantillo family has been growing and selling the best in fresh fruits and vegetables on their Town of Gardiner farm in Ulster County, NY for four generations.  Tantillo's proudly offers a complete selection of farm fresh and local produce, including a "pick-your-own" operation that begins with cherries in June and lasts through late October, with apple and pumpkin crops. 


Why Shop Locally?

The disappearance of local businesses leaves a social and economic void that is palpable and real, even when it is unmeasured. The quality of life in Gardiner, NY changes in ways that seem subtle but the changes in the nature of our community are profound. Most people embrace the idea of distinctive businesses with local character, but often forget that the survival of these businesses depends on your patronage.

Eating locally produced foods is better for you, better for kids, better for the planet.  You can improve your diet, conserve energy, contribute to a cleaner environment, and support your local economy by purchasing more food grown closer to home.